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Team Judson at the Tour de France, July, 2005

From deep in the Black Forest, Ed Goff writes:

Just a brief report from today's Tour de France stage. It started today in southwest Germany, near the Black Forest, went along the Rhine, and into the Vorgesians on the French side of the river. It was first time for me and the tour. And let me say for the few seconds it lasted, it was very exciting (no need to make any obvious comparisons).

We stood at the climb at Bad Herrenalb, a typical category 3 hill for the Schwarzwald. I tried to take some pictures as evidence of a Judson presence - I'm submitting 3 shots - but they're pretty awful. Like I said, it was over in seconds - Rasmussen was by me before I knew what happened. I managed to get a fuzzy shot of Jens Voigt of CSC, one of the German hopefuls. And the rest was a blur, I am not sure if I even saw Lance (my main goal for today), but at least my friends said they saw Jan (the main players are on a first name basis).

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Jens Voigt


Is that Levi Leipheimer sporting his new Judson kit?


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