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Des Plaines River Trail Ride, October 25, 2003

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David, Warren, Jules, Mark & Mike


Herding geese...

Click here for an MPEG movie of Warren's herding efforts (2MB file).

Please note that no geese were harmed in making this movie.


More fun with our feathered friends

Click here for more fun with the geese (2MB MPEG movie).


Warren & Ed

Dr. Mark consulting

David explaining Mike's faceplant

Waiting for a mechanical

The view up the trail from the back of the tandem




Rear view from the tandem

Ed Goff

Troy spotted a hawk near the trail. This is the first of 14 pictures he took of the hawk. Did I mention that Troy likes hawks?

Trying to avoid that pesky guy with the camera

Finding a branch out of Troy's reach

The hawk finally has enough of Troy

And the real reason Kristin stopped riding with Troy

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