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Des Plaines River Trail Ride, October 30, 2004

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Warren's Photos  

The Des Plaines River Group


Power Bar in mouth

Beginning on the trail



Pit Stop

Avoiding Wind Damage

Groupo interrupto


Kristin, the other picture taker

Stoking for the turn-around

Cleaning out wind drip


Bob again

Bill in anguish

Crew member and Chief


Oldest member et al

Heading into the last sun

Why WW could not chase the geese


More proof
Troy & Kristin's Photos  

Mike waiting for the start


Alan at the start

Ed leading the way north on the trail

Carla leading Alan & Bill



Peter & Ed showing how it's done

Bill enjoying that new Cannondale

And, yes, the Des Plaines River does actually run in the vicinity of the trail

Steve & Warren having fun










Troy approaching Steve's nemesis; view from the back of the tandem


Mutually-assured photography







Bill and the real reason for the ride.
In the interest of full disclosure, Troy does own Starbucks stock.

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