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Team Judson Top Ten Rules of the Road
(Circa 1996)

10.  Don't Draft off Troy and expect to get a Draft!

9.  Don't do corners behind Todd and expect to live.

8.  Never poke fun at any type of bicycle or bicycle component.  Mike owns at least one of everything! (A cyclist is not measured by the number of races won, but by the number of bikes owned).

7.  Hide if Warren gets pissed at motorists.

6.  Don't ever make fun of Ed G., he IS the missing link.

5.  Don't challenge Mike to a time trial.   (He has spent way too much money on time saving equipment!)

4.  Never ride behind Dave M. in a sprint unless you have personally tightened his cleats!

3.  Always ride behind Steve Courtright.

2.  When talking to Carla, don't get her started on the subject of men!!!!

1.  And the #1 Rule of the Road from the Home Office in Evanston, Illinos . . . Never go on a ride without at least two attorneys!!!

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