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The ride starts from the corner of Greenleaf and Judson in Evanston:
Map to the ride start

West on Greenleaf
North on Hinman
West/North on Sheridan
West on Tower
North on Old Green Bay
West across the tracks on South
North on Green Bay
East on Lake Cook
North on St. Johns/Lincolnwood
North on Sheridan
North on St. Johns
West on Walker
North on Lake View
West on Clay
North on Sheridan
West on Washington
West on Old Trail
North on University
West on Old Elm
West on Everett
North on St. Marys
East on Atkinson
South on Waukegan
Stop at the gas station at Waukegan and Everett for water
East on Everett
East on Old Elm
South on Ridge
East on Half Day
South on Ridge
East on Richfield
Southwest on Old Deerfield
Southeast on Ridge
East on Clavey
South on Green Bay
East on Scott
South on Old Green Bay
East on Tower
South on Sheridan

Longer/shorter rides can often be negotiated during the ride.

The route may vary; Team Judson is first and foremost an anarchy, and whoever is in front gets the ultimate choice about the route we take.

Team Judson Home