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Supporters and Patrons

Bob Isaac, Isaac and May
Mike Pechnyo
Steve Courtright

Warren Weisberg, Consolidated Chemical Works
Bob Wislow, U.S. Equities Realty Inc.
Mark J. Landau, D.D.S., Ltd.
Andrew Freeman, Zurich Financial Services Group
Chuck Frenkel, CFP Inc.
Lou Kuhn, The Pony Shop
Troy Henikoff
Andy Spatz, adas/spatz properties


Bike the Drive -- Chicago's annual ride on a car-free Lake Shore Drive  
Critical Mass Chicago -- for something completely different    
Wisconsin Bike Maps -- county-by-county cycling maps  

Northwestern Orthopaedic Institute -- Need an orthopedic surgeon or a sports-medicine specialist? They have locations in downtown Chicago and in Glenview. I can personally recommend this group - I’ve seen over a third of their doctors.  

Earth Rider Cycling -- A “Cycling Boutique and Hotel” in Brodhead, Wisconsin, close to the Sugar River and Badger Trails and the quiet backroads of South Central Wisconsin (and owned by ex-Chicagoans and friends of mine)
Chicago Town Cars -- a quality local limo service run by a cyclist (and a friend of mine)

Places to donate used bikes and cycling equipment

The Recyclery -- a non-profit (501c3) collective, seeks to build community through the restoration of donated and discarded bicycles. With these bikes they offer a sustainable form of transportation at little to no cost. They wish to further open their resources to the community at large with programs that teach bicycle maintenance, safety, and environmental awareness.
735 Reba Place, Basement
Evanston, IL 60202
Blackstone Bicycle Works -- a not-for-profit organization in the Woodlawn neighborhood that aims to provide work experience and bicycles to underprivileged youth  
Working Bikes Cooperative -- a not-for-profit that recycles local bikes to support shipping bicycles to Third World countries  

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