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Breakfast and Ride, November 12, 2002

Todd Wiener reported that the breakfast and ride were a great success. Warren ate a good breakfast, Todd ate light, and Lance had black coffee. Go figure. Uncharacteristically, Bob Wislow got lost trying to find the Country Club (what does a city kid know about country clubs) and missed breakfast altogether.

The ride itself strayed from Todd's standard route, but they had little cones marking each turn and a support vehicle, so Todd managed not to panic. He got to talk with Chris Carmichael over breakfast, discuss tactics with Jim Ochowicz on the ride, and give Lance a lead out for the last sprint of the day. Todd is also very proud -- Lance taught him how to pronounce "Ghisallo" -- except that to Lance it's a very difficult climb rather than an inordinately expensive bike.

Warren Weisberg reported that the breakfast and ride were excellent. Warren learned a new hand signal from Jim Ochowicz; words can't do it justice, so please ask Warren for a demonstration.

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Todd Wiener, Warren Weisberg, Lance Armstrong and Bob Wislow


The Gang of Four once again


The Man himself. And Lance Armstrong, too.


Lance lusting after Warren's Cinettica.


On the road in Fort Sheridan. Lance, as usual, is well protected in the peloton.

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