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In the normal course of human existence, there are times, proscribed, perhaps, by fate alone, which defy explanation even by the known sum of knowledge of humankind.

Team Judson is the result of such a unlikely confluence. We enjoin you to cast aside reason and convention. We urge you to open yourself to the distinct possibility that a seemingly simple, single innocuous decision, like deciding to join with Team Judson could sweep you down an unparalleled and unpredictable path of joy and enlightenment.  Oh, did we mention that Team Judson is about riding bicycles?

Team Judson was started circa 1990 by a group of bicycle enthusiasts.

Now numbering over 100 "members", (perhaps associates would be more accurate), Team Judson organizes one of the more popular training rides extending through the suburbs and countryside north of Chicago.

The rides, typically early on weekend mornings and often during the week are usually 20-25 mph with some "race pace" miles at 25-30. While the typical ride is 50 miles, often a shorter length option presents itself. Also, longer rides from 75-100 miles can be negotiated during the ride. Currently, interest remains steady for a "Classic" ride which is usually a less strenuous 20 mph.

Rides start at the corner of Greenleaf and Judson in Evanston, Illinois:

Map to the ride start

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