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SUV 3, Mike 0

May 28, 2005
Sheridan Road, Winnetka

Four of us were riding southbound on Sheridan Road last Saturday morning after a pleasant spin to Atkinson Road. We were riding single file; I was in front, Ed was on my wheel, then it was Warren and Carla. We were riding at a steady 23mph (and, yes, I'm sure).

On a level, straight section of the road, an SUV passed us. When it was no more than two bike lengths in front of me, it turned right, directly across my path. I remember that its door was straight in front of me. My reaction was to grab two hands-full of brakes; the last thing I remember was going over the handlebars.

With his finely honed 'cross skills, Ed managed to go around my left side, narrowly missing the bumper of the SUV. Thankfully, Warren and Carla were also able to avoid both me and the SUV.

The remorseful, teenaged driver of the SUV was ticketed for "improper overtaking." The results of her inattention/entitlement/stupidity are shown below,

The morals?
      Be extra careful out there
      Wear your helmet -- mine saved my life (again)
      When the time comes, please teach your children to drive well
      Don't let your babies grow up to drive SUV's

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SUV 2 - Mike 0    SUV 3 - Mike 0

Even I could see the breaks shown on the film from across the room.

SUV 2 - Mike 0

SUV 3 - Mike 0

This is two days after the accident; the swelling has gone down tremendously.
Notice the bruise in the left ear -- I didn't think that part of the ear had anything to bruise!

My thanks to Ed, Warren, Carla, and Graciela, and to the Winnetka emergency services for taking care of me,
and to my family, who have really stepped in to pick up the load while I'm completely useless.

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