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We maintain an email list for Team Judson riders. The list is used to:
  • announce the ride times for weekends and holidays. The weekly email also includes local news and announcements and the latest news from the pro peloton.
  • send special announcements of interest to most members of the group
The list is a "closed" list -- only members may post to the list, so the list cannot be hijacked for spam.

Simply enter your full name and email address below, and click the "Submit" button.

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Questions (and hopefully) Answers

  1. Why give my name when I subscribe? First, as a security mechanism -- to keep people who would try to misuse the list from subscribing. Second, because Team Judson is collegial, and most of us try to learn the names of our fellow riders. Third, because I field a lot of questions from riders who have valid reasons for getting in touch with one or more of their friends, and I need to be able to connect names and e-mail addresses. Finally, and most importantly, because I won't subscribe you if you don't provide your name.

  2. Why to I have to give my first AND last names? See all of the reasons in the answer to the previous question. We have everyone ranging from company presidents to self-proclaimed deities on the Team Judson list, and they all gave their full names. So live with it.

  3. When is the weekly e-mail sent? Usually midday on Thursday.

  4. I subscribed, but I'm not getting the weekly e-mail. Why? First, check the "security" settings on your computer and your e-mail software -- see if something is set that keeps the e-mail from getting through. Second, check with your ISP (internet service provider) to see if they have instituted some "spam-blocking" mechanism that's keeping the e-mail from getting to you.

  5. I just sent an e-mail to the list. Where is it? Yeah, I know, I know, we're an instant society. However, I set my server to poll on an hourly basis. Life's tough all over.

  6. How can I get everyone else's e-mail addresses? You can't. That's one of the advantages of the list -- nobody can use it to "grab" your address.

  7. I have something for sale. Can I post it to the list? Maybe. If it is something that will interest others in the group (like top-quality cycling equipment in good shape), then posting it is appropriate. Find somewhere else to sell your (albeit classic) Ford Pinto.
    Please note -- abusing the privilege of posting will get you removed from the list.

  8. How do I post to the list? If you're a subscriber, simply send an e-mail to:
    Only an e-mail sent from an address already subscribed to the list will be accepted (so if you subscribed from your "home" e-mail address, and try posting from work, you'll get an error message and your e-mail won't go through).

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