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Julius' Africa Adventure

From his e-mail soon after arriving:
just pulled into Moshi at the base of Mt Kilmjro
cloudy today wont get that shot of me on the bike with the big Mt K in the background bummer...
rode northwest from Nairobi to Nakuru the first day out of the blocks on a broken asphalt road no shoulder big traffic
hot up to 9000ft
we had to go single track parallel to the road for awhile 30k cause it got too goofy
glass volcanic rocks the size of ur fist up and down gullies
but hey the baboons were cute...


Herding giraffe, Hell's Gate reserve, Kenya


Herding giraffe, Hell's Gate reserve, Kenya




Jules, Drew and the Maasai.
Jules wants to be sure that you know they're standing in a field of dung, with a house built from dung in the background.


Jules and the Maasai


Jules and his Maasai buddy, standing in the dung field


On the road again...


Rest stop with friends



50kph local biker with groceries, Zanzibar Island




A million flamingoes on Lake Nakuru, Kenya where they filmed Out of Africa (Redford flying overhead in biplane)



Impala in Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania


White rhino



Innovative top tubes, bike shop


Jules' special friend



Very bored hippo, Maasai Mara reserve


Stopped for breakfast at Anini Cafe

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